Zaman-Bank warns of fraud!

13.05.2022 / 744


Dear clients

10.10.2020 / 1846

We are pleased to inform you that “Islamic Bank “Zaman-Bank” JSC joined Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE) since October 6, 2020.

“Kazakhstan Stock Exchange” JSC included “Islamic Bank “Zaman-Bank” JSC into the list of currency traders with authorized access to trading with all currencies available on stock market.

After admission to trade the Bank may use an advantage of Kazakhstan Stock Exchange as a trading platform when performing transactions with foreign currencies, export and import transactions, diversification of currency assets and hedging currency risks, as well as more favorable terms for the Bank’s partners and clients in concluding deals on foreign exchange market. Participation of “Islamic Bank “Zaman-Bank” in foreign exchange trades of “Kazakhstan Stock Exchange” is another small but remarkable step towards advancing the Bank’s client-oriented approach.