Zaman-Bank warns of fraud!


“IB “Zaman-Bank” JSC warns on increase of fraudulent activity using the Bank’s details (altered web-site naming, e-mails, substitution of the Bank’s letterhead, etc.)

Information on most common ways of financial fraud, and simple but efficient protection methods are available in Kazakh (, Russian ( and English ( languages.

NOTE: the Bank does not involved in conducting and organizing any lotteries/awards/charities with pay-outs and fees!!!

How to protect yourself from scammers:

  • do not follow links in correspondence with strangers – they may use it for obtaining your payment details;
  • do not insert personal information, bank card details on suspicious web-sites;
  • use safety software on your computer and mobile devises (antivirus programs, complicated passwords);
  • do not trust phone calls from strangers, do not disclose your personal data to them;
  • do not install programs from unofficial sources;
  • do not open suspicious enclosures and do not follow unknown links.

Immediately apply to the Bank in the following cases:

  • if you noticed unusual account activity;
  • if you cannot get remote access to your accounts.

Beware of chasing easy money trusting strangers!

Preserve your personal data, your money, and practice digital hygiene!